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Weiss Advice Podcast

Weiss Advice Podcast [00:01 – 04:15] Opening Segment Whitney talks about how her company was started Whitney shares why she invests in the multifamily asset class.
[04:16 – 13:29] Finding Deals in A Crazy Market Whitney shares her secrets in finding deals in the current crazy state of the market Financing deals – it all depends on what kind of deal you're working on.
[13:30 – 18:41] Work-Life Balance Finding free time while immersing yourself in your business. Focus on what you want – that's why Whitney focuses on real estate.

Tweetable Quotes: "To start this business right before Covid hit, it kinda was scary. It was like, 'what the heck?'" – Whitney Ward
"Having a relationship with God and just being at peace with your life, I think that's success." – Whitney Ward


The Multifamily Review Podcast

Creating Better Communities - Guest Speaker Whitney Ward

Target Market Insights Podcast

Key Multifamily Property Management and Asset Management Insights
- The benefits of using a full-service multifamily broker and management service
- How Whitney built Intuitive Management Partners
- Working on a fee-based vs. an equity stake in deals
- Best practices for asset and property management
- The differences between an asset and property management
- Challenges and solutions of working with large property management companies
- What to expect when working with a property management company (pay attention to the fees!)

You should manage 3rd party or partnership opportunities the same way and the fees should be the same as well.
- The advantages of partnering vs. hiring a third party management company
- The state of the multifamily market and how it has impacted acquisitions.