Investment Approach

Perform Detailed Micro-Market and Capital Markets Analysis 

In order to provide our investors risk-adjusted returns, we do a lot of front end due-diligence to verify the trends of the micro-market and compare and analyze these opportunities within current and future capital market projections.

Create Strategic Operational Strategies

Once we have identified a property, the market analytics and the capital markets approach, we focus on an operational plan that will drive demand, maintain residents and minimize delinquencies.  We understand resident trends, have a pulse on the legal aspects of property management and leverage our industry resources to provide superior operations.

Implement Risk Management Plan

The physical condition of the asset has a lot of impact on the costs associated with operating the community, therefore we not only focus on the operational strategy but we also implement a Risk Management/Maintenance plan.  Our risk management plan gives us a detailed understanding of the physical risks of the asset.  By addressing risk management we are able to create preventable strategies that help minimize maintenance and insurance costs.

Monitor Capital Markets 

Throughout the holding period of the asset, we are in constant communication with our partners.  During this time, we work with brokers, lenders and monitor capital markets performance to determine the best time to capitalize on an exit.  Either through refinance or sale.

Tax and Financial Auditing

Through our industry leading Strategic Partners we ensure our investment partners receive institutional level reporting, financial & tax auditing and fund administration that allows our partners to trust in their overall investment.

Trust & Integrity

It's simple for us, trust and integrity are the only ways to do business and we hold this at the highest standard.  Our integrity drives everything we do. We vow to lead with our integrity, even if it requires hard conservations and overcoming challenges.