Investment Drivers

Ward & Company Real Estate acquires multifamily and multi-unit single-family assets within growth markets of the Southeast & Midwest, US.  These investment opportunities must present opportunities that deliver risk-adjusted returns with future appreciation.  Through creating a strategic operational plan, renovation plan and lease-up/stabilization plan, we are able to deliver investment opportunities that Create Better Communities, while achieving the goals of our partners.

We target markets with strong apartment fundamentals and progressive future growth indicators.

Employment Drivers

Strong employment drivers including both a diversified job market and employer migration, provide stable rental income and lower the risk of the investment by keeping economic occupancy rates high.

Population Growth

Population growth has a direct correlation to demand and with increased population, also comes the ability to absorb future supply of new apartments.

Multifamily Rental Trends

Demand for rental properties continue to grow due to affordability challenges in homeownership and limited supply compared to demand.  These factors continue to be a significant driver in rental rate growth.

GDP Growth

We track the performance of the local economy, to determine whether an economy is growing or experiencing a recession.  We avoid markets with recessionary trends.